12 Useful Web Based Twitter Tools

Twitter Grader

If you want to compare (grade) yourself to other Twitters this app gives you your precise chart position in the Twitter world.

Nearby Tweets

Have you ever wondered if someone of your Twitter followers is living close to you. Nearby Tweets is the perfect app to check that.


Just how much do we curse on Twitter. Check out this app that shows everytime someone curse and what they said.

Retweet Radar

What and who’s hot and most talked about in Twitter. This app constantly monitoring what and who is being most talked about.


Ever wanted to send a file to some through twitter? well, now you can. Tweet cube is a great app for sending files to you followers.

Tweet Backup

Backup your Twitter Profile. It backups your list of followers and also the 3.200 of the latests tweets.

Tweet Stats

Do you want to show all your Twitter stats in a graph? Shows Tweets Per Hour, Tweets Per Month, Tweet Timeline, Reply Statistics and much more.

My Cleenr

Do you have a lot of inactive followers. Clean up you Twitter followers with this useful tool.

Twitter Search

Search tweets with this tool. It seems it’s a bit unbalanced but works.


Monitor three words in the Twitterverse at a time. You want to know what people are saying about you? Useful tool!

Friend Or Follow

Are constantly monitoring who follows you back? Are your followers a “Diva” not following you back? This tool sorts that out. Really useful tool.

Twitter Karma

A useful tool that lets you sort your followers by different categories.



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