10 Misteri (di dunia) Yang Tidak Terpecahkan…

The world, as it is, is full of unresolved mysteries that have baffled people for long. Whether it is a matter of people disappearing, appearance prescience of unexplained phenomenon or sheer inexplicable existence of Stonehenge, this century and the past one have seen things that still haven’t been fully explained. Here’s a list of some of the most famous of these mind-baffling phenomenon that have long captured the interest of the world.
1.  John F. Kennedy’s Assassination
John F. Kennedy’s Assassination
Majority of the Americans are convinced that Lee Harvey Oswald could not have acted alone and that the way they explained it was not how the assassination could have been carried out. This unsolved mystery remains the darkest and most vivid stain on the record of American Intelligence and American democracy, or the lack of it since it is alleged that the President could have been done away with for going against the wishes of those in power. Could the President have been killed by the military and Industrial Mob or by some other force for his alliance with the infamous Marilyn Monroe? We will never know. JFK’s assassination, trial of Oswald, and the subsequent events have been a subject of many detective novels and movie.
2. Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle
The 20th century saw dozens of ships and aircrafts disappeared into the Bermuda triangle, situated in the North Atlantic Ocean. This area is known for having some strange magnetic force; the aircrafts that have disappeared have done so without leaving any trace behind; no debris can be found and there comes an end to all sorts of transmission, like it has been cut short abruptly. Due to this strange phenomenon this particular area on the map has been named the ‘Devil’s Triangle’. Some people have even associated religious connotation with the place.
3.  The Black Dahlia’s Murder
The Black Dahlia
This is the mystery of the unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short also nicknamed The Black Dahlia by the press due to her being an aspiring actress who had acted in a play called ‘The Blue Dahlia’. Her body was found cut into two pieces in a parking lot and it launched the biggest crime investigation campaign that L.A had seen at that time. Till this day, the murderer hasn’t been found. The Black Dahlia came to stand as just one of those cases that attain immense popularity due to their sheer brutality.
4.  Loch Ness
Loch Ness
This is the largest of the three lochs located in Great Glen, near North Scotland. The mystery here is that of the Loch Ness Monster, a large aquatic animal that has been sighted by many over the past whole century. While great efforts have been put into finding this Loch Ness Monster, deploying cruising teams and what not, the scientists still haven’t been able to explain the sightings. While many contend that the monster just simply does not exist, a great many prefer to keep an open door on this issue.
5. Shroud of Turin
Shroud of Turin
Held in the cathedral of St. John the Baptist in turn, Italy, this piece of linen cloth has imprinted on it the image of a man who probably died of cruxification. It has been long believed to be the cloth Jesus Christ was buried in after his cruxification. Since there is no proof of this latter belief, the shroud still remains an explained piece of linen. Scientists have failed to explain how or when the image could have been imprinted on the linen.
6. Jack The Ripper
Jack The Ripper
In the late 1888, the air of London was thicker for a series of murders that terrorized its residents. The person committing these murders was given the nickname of ‘Jack the Ripper’ because of the brutal style of his killings. In modern times there has been some speculation that the murderer was Prince Albert Victor or some other notable doctor but till this very date the police have not been able to identify the murderer that killed all those prostitutes in a most vicious manner.
7. Stonehendge
Megalithic ruins situated on Salisbury Plain, England, this is a combination of earth, timber and stone structures that have been re-modeled over the past 1400 years. What exactly could have motivated those people to build these structures? Could it be religion? The answers to these haven’t been found and yet the Stonehenge continues to be a main tourist attraction for the sheer fact that these structures are majestic in their appearance and undoubtedly religious.
8. The Heist, Jump and Disappearance of Dan Cooper
The Heist, Jump and Disappearance of Dan Cooper
On a one-way flight from Seattle to Portland, Dan Cooper demanded to be given over $ 200, 000 on the threat of setting off a bomb. He jumped off the plane with just a parachute and with the amount of money he demanded. That was the last time anyone ever saw Dan Cooper. Did he survive his jump? If he did, where did he go? And why did he not ask for a helmet before he jumped! Even the intelligence community hasn’t been able to answer these questions till this day.
9.  The ‘Taos Hum’
The ‘Taos Hum’
This is a low-pitched sound heard across North America, U.K and throughout Europe especially. It cannot be caught on microphones, its source and nature is still a mystery. Those who have heard it describe it as a sound like a distant diesel engine. In 1997, Congress directed scientists to discover the reason for this ‘hum’ sound around a residential area in New Mexico but to no avail.
10. The Babushka Lady
The Babushka Lady
This is the mystery surrounding the strange scarf wearing lady (the scarf being of a Russian-Babushka style) captured in pictures, filming the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. She is seen filming the vent and stays on to film it even after a lot of people had deserted the place of the tragedy. Her figure appears in all movies covering the assassination.

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