Top 100 Indonesia Wonders of Nature – 8. Lake Toba

8 Lake Toba

Lake Toba, also known as Danau Toba, is the most famous tourist attraction in North Sumatra. Lake Toba, located in the heart of the Batak country, is the largest lake in Indonesia and also in Southeast Asia with a surface area over one thousand square kilometers. Lake Toba is also the deepest lake in the world with over four hundred and fifty meters deep

The Toba caldera complex in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia consists of four overlapping volcanic craters that adjoin the Sumatran “volcanic front”. The youngest and fourth caldera is the world’s largest Quarternary caldera (100 by 30 kilometres) and intercepts the three older calderas.

An estimate of 2500-3000 cubic kilometres of dense-rock equivalent pyroclastic material, nicknamed the Youngest Toba tuff, was blasted from the youngest caldera during one of the largest single eruptions in geologic history. Following the “Youngest Toba tuff eruption”, a typical resurgent dome formed within the new caldera, joining two half-domes separated by a longitudinal graben.There are at least four cones, four stratovolcanoes and three craters visible in the lake.

Most of the people who live around Lake Toba are ethnically Bataks. Traditional Batak houses are noted for their distinctive roofs (which curve upwards at each end, as a boat’s hull does) and their colorful deco

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