How Do You Profit From Twitter – Does Twitter Make Sense?

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Twitter Profits imageTwitter doesn’t make any sense on the surface:

“Some startup is paying squillions of dollars so that you can broadcast free SMS messages to your friends worldwide?

And people actually sign up to have their mobiles clogged with annoying and mundane text messages of no-more-than 140 characters?

And some venture capitalist actually paid for this to get off the ground?”

It reeks of a type of here-we-go-again – dot-com-boom – this-time-in-Web-2.0-form hysteria – and sounds (on the surface) like some venture capitalist was so eager to jump onto the Web 2.0 phenomenon that he bought the first thing that came through his door.

Or at least this is what I thought when I first heard about Twitter.

“Where’s the value in this?” I asked myself.

But the more I scratch the surface (of the Twitter riddle, not my head), the more potential value I see in it.

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